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Posted by Artesia Irawan on May 7, 2011 at 6:46 AM

Guajira, one less traveled point. A place where you see nothing but deserted, barren place together with the Waayu people represent the toughness of this place, the warriors who fight the Spanish off their territory. One place in Colombia which never been occupied by the Spanish. You can tell from the people in Cabo de La Vela, they can bit feisty than the rest of Colombianos.

The journey up there could consider as a mission, though it's a possible mission. There's no easy way to get to Guajira, unless if you sign up an expensive tour. We had to change transport three times before we reach Cabo de La Vela. We started from Valledupar but it's almost the same trip from the coast.

Santa Marta - Rioacha : 4 hours ( 20.000 pesos )
Rioacha - Uribia : 1 hour ( nice, air conditioned collectivo/shared car 12000 pesos, my favorite transport haha )
Uribia - Cabo : 2-3 hours ( truck, 14.000 pesos )

Note : You have to start early morning, since there's hardly any truck from Uribia to Cabo in the afternoon. Franzisca had to wait for 4 hours until the next truck leaves Uribia to Cabo.

Arriving in Cabo, you're advised to shop around before you choose where you stay. All the places are pretty much the same, hammock, private room or dorm. The price for hammock is about 10.000 pesos. except one high end hostel ( still only cost you about  25.000 pesos with beds ). But we managed to find a room with two beds, bathroom inside ( think the most basic way of room you can possibly think ) for only 15.000 pesos, so we paid about 4 dollar each and we made a lot of people jealous of our deal.

Cabo de La Vela, where there's no electricity of course that means no TV, Radio, no lights, only generator for 2 hours a day. We even had to ration ourself with the water to shower. The one place you could soak in the nature completely with your senses. At night you could witness the amazing stars in the sky or open the window you could see the sunset or sunrise over the horizon of the sea.

The highlight of this place is the beaches around Cabo de La Vella, in the morning could be crowded with people from tour. But they only stay for an hour or so, so we had the whole beach by ourself in the afternoon. The nearest beach is of course 5 seconds away right in front of your hostel but there's another beach about one hour walk from Cabo. On the way back, you might as well wait until sunset, since there will be car/jeep tour coming only for sunset so you can ask them to have a ride back to Cabo.

Cabo de La Vela
Cabo de La Vela

The highlight of this trip is Punta Galinas, a bit expensive with the boat coast. But that's what I call adventure ( hardly ever say this word on my trip ) starting from the difficulties we get from getting information how to get there ( cheaply ) after talking to some random people we found the best deal to get to Punta Galinas. 130.000 pesos including the transport/truck for three days. Truck from the cabo, boat to Punta Galinas, truck while we're in Punta Galinas for sight seeing.

Punta Galinas is the northernmost point of all South America where the desert meet the caribbean sea, another 3 hours on a boat to Punta Galinas, and was agreeable by everyone on that boat as the most fucked up ride ever in our life. The headwind created a monster wave that splash us ( me and Franzisca in particular who sit at the back of the boat ) inside out, left and right, up and down. Kim managed to sleep on top of the bags and she was too upset to be upset. There are moments I thought we're going to capsized but thought it was just a close call. And another moment I thought wtf am I doing this? ( heard that many times Artesia, just shut up! You wanted this )

The accommodation is a family house and they cook the best food I had in Colombia, fish, lobster was just like a feast everyday. All the hammocks are in the open so can be a bit cold at night with the wind. The next day we went to the dune and Taroa beach, we traveled with this one truck with broken radiator. So we had to carry extra water and had to stop every 10-15 minutes to keep the radiator works. The next morning before me and Franzisca catch our boat, the truck broke down completely coming from watching the sunrise at Punta Galinas. So we decided to walk back to the hostel, since we really want to go back to Santa Marta the same day.
Desert meet Caribbean Sea
Punta Galinas

It's definitely a highlight, really wish I have more time, but I had to go back to Santa Marta to see my friend who's visiting me from Dubai. My advice is to be patient with all the transport problem. My friend Kimberley took a jeep back to Uribia and in total she spent 12 hours on the road from Punta Galinas to Santa Marta. 

If you don't have patient or don't have time to be patient, then you should join a tour and enjoy the ride to the one of the most stunning landscape in South America.

Punta Galinas Punta Galinas

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