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Villa de Leyva

Posted by Artesia Irawan on January 28, 2011 at 4:08 PM

I'm spending my last 10 days here in South America by the time I'm writing this post. I'm losing my motivation to write and I feel bad about it, cause Colombia is just such a great country to explore and people shouldn't run out of stories from traveling here. But I couldn't miss Villa de Leyva just like that. My visit here was very short but pleasant.  After more than a week non stop of doing too many things and hanging out with lots of people in Salento and Manizales, my body and mind begged me to 'rest'. My brain keen to have some free times to 'shut down' a little bit. So turned out Villa de Leyva was just perfect for my body needs.

Arriving in Manizales from Nevado del Ruiz I went straight to Bogota by bus for 8 hours and then hanging out at the bus station for 2 hours before my bus journey to Villa de Leyva for 4 hours. I sat at the very front seat next to the driver and appalled by the crazy dangerous Colombianos way of driving. I saw three accidents on my way there. I could see the reason why there are lots of accidents, maybe next time I can politely decline if they ask me to sit at the front.  

Arriving in Villa de Leyva that afternoon looking for hostel was not easy for a loner like me, I had to go around to find a single room for one person. I just couldn't afford staying in 'backpackers' place for that time being. Finally after dragging my bag here and there I found really nice place but don't remember the name.  Villa de Leyva was just stunning, of course the cobbled street is the first attraction, at least for me. And the colonial buildings and a huge square just make this place look so unreal, with the spanish style, balconies and lights during the night. That time I had a thought, this is one of the place that's just almost never exist in my imagination leave alone visiting. I felt like in the middle of nowhere sometimes in my previous life ( if I was a human too ) I love the place, I felt so lazy there. I only just move my butt to put them somewhere else to eat or drink. Most of the time scoffing those yummy fresa con crema. 

Once again this is perhaps the only place you could eat real bread at Francesca Pasteleria ( I have 10 days left in SA, the chance is very thin to find other place ) There a lot of activities you can do here or museum to visit. I did nothing and nothing and another nothing. Just come over see this place yourself.


How to get there : 4 hours by bus from Bogota or 45 minutes from Tunja.

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