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Posted by Artesia Irawan on February 1, 2011 at 1:56 PM

Warning about this post : Importance = very low! 

Right, this post would be just nice and short. Something to do with my appetite, my original appetite or should I say my compulsive overeating. My mum knew about my appetite, sometimes she's concern about my appetite whenever I go back home, while she would eat one catfish, my brother two and I could eat three of those. But I always have an excuse for being away for so long from home and I deserve all the nice food back home. But when I was living in Dubai, it's not that much different, I can't buy my monthly/weekly groceries cause otherwise I'll eat them in few days time. Or one time I woke up at 2AM and cook some food to eat and then go back to sleep ( I'm still convinced that I was 'sleep cooking' )

Although my appetite during my travel kind of comes and go and sometimes I lost it for good 2 weeks for no reason. Or back to scary monster appetite again, just like when I was in Guajira when I eat this 'sad' bread like every half hour.  

3 months in Peru, I was happy with all the food. Although I'm not that adventurous and skipped 'cuy'  ( guinea pig ) for many reasons, but I cooked myself lomo saltado every now and then or Indonesian fried rice when I was staying in Arequipa at the hostel. And countless portions of chevice never fail to give me some sort of orgasm for my taste. 2 months in Ecuador with super cheap almuerzo for 2 dollars or sometimes 1.50 always gave me big smile afterwards and after boring bread in Peru, finally I found nice sweet bread in Ecuador. I think I have the same taste in sweet bread/pastries in Ecuador. And always reminded me of the chocolate roll in Mindo, soft and warm with cup of coffee in the morning, invented one of my best morning.

But going into Colombia, I have problem looking for something I really like. I found out I hate arepas and only just realized that after one month later, I tried first time in Popayan, I love the stuff on top of it ( cheese, meat, chicken all sort of stuff ) but when when my fork scoffed the arepas that's just ruin the 'treat' I was having. And not too mention the bread here just dull, super dull.

So the reason I write this post, I just want to share one of my happiest day when I came across to this one nice coffee shop in Villa de Leyva. I was craving for sweet bread ( will never give up on that ) and ask the lady at the hostel if there's any panaderia and she told me to go to one coffee shop just around the corner from the hostel. Oh my god, my universe, goddess of mountain, god of ocean ( baca : dewa gunung dan dewa laut ... halaahh! ) they have REAL BREAD!! Like real and normal bread, just like bread at the coffee shop at home or other place outside Colombia.  

Chocolate croissant at Pasteleria Francesca in Villa de Leyva

And that very night, I slept with a smile and dreaming of nice breakfast the next morning only to find out the coffee shop is closed on that very morning. I'm not exaggerated if I write I was depressed and felt like I have no will to live my life that day.  I need the bread, damn it!! Ah well, something else cheer me up over there, fresa con crema is my second best thing here in Colombia or pretty much fruits here are amazing!!!

Fresa con crema, Villa de leva

In the market in San Gil, I bought a huge container for 2500 pesos ( that's just over a dollar ) I got mix fruit, with some coconut sprinkle, leche condensada ( sweet condensed milk ), man that's FOOD for me!! I went there every morning ... although Adam prefer to have some disgusting ants for dessert after the fruit!! Freak...

Went a bit north in Valledupar, one of  the most less touristy place I've been in Colombia, me and Adam were looking for place to eat for dinner when we saw one shop selling fruit and ice cream!! We didn't think twice, 'shall we?' .. yeah man!! It was one of my best dinner and of course we went back to the same spot the next evening.  

Frutas con helados

In Cabo de la Vela  we had Salpicon de frutas, mix fruit with watermelon juice, again with leche condensada. All fruit nothing but fruit... give me fruit!

( Ehm Artesia,I thought it supposed to be nice and short? ) Ja, sure ok.. as warned, it's not important and better to finish it now before you throw me some rotten tomatoes or you can throw me some fruits, I'll eat them.  So the summary is... I want food!!!! I want those korean tasty meat in Shogun, Dubai or another 3 catfishes back home ( baca : pecel lele gitu! ) I need some asian food taste or those soft warm bread.... maybe I need to go and eat something now, or should I just order another shandy/radler.

Info about the coffee  shop in Villa de Leyva : Pasteleria Francesca ( It's in Colombia LP book )

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