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El Matal, Jama

Posted by Artesia Irawan on December 27, 2010 at 3:07 PM

Huh what? Jama? Where the hell is that place? We never heard of that place either when we met some locals in Mindo and told us to go to Jama if we want to go to the beach which less touristic. We went to the huge map in Cabanas Bambu and looked for the location of that place and later on looked at the LP guide book still have no clue about the place.


At first we wanted to check out Jama and then Canoa but from the book it looks like there's no road to go straight to Jama ( mislead ) so we aimed Canoa first and Jama. Which turned out just perfect as we hit the noise first and quiet time afterwards. It took us 40 minutes away from Canoa to reach Jama. And we realized Jama is actually a little town with lots of access to many beaches. That day the taxi driver took us to El Matal beach 15 minutes from Jama ( 3 dollar taxi ride ), apparently one of few beaches with accommodations. With no knowledge nor information about the place, we didn't know where the taxi driver supposed to drop us. So we just asked the available hostel in the village, which we only saw 3 of them.


There are only two restaurants apart from our hostel and they served dinner at 6PM only and somehow we successfully managed to miss our dinner on the first two nights since we only just wondered around town at 8.30 for food But on our last night we showed up at 6PM to make sure we eat something proper for dinner instead of beers.


Complete with all the junk you can possibly imagine


The town is a fishing village, lots of colorful fishing boats parked on the beach complete with the hammocks. During the day all the boats were wondering around alone on the sea until in the afternoon hoping for lots of fishes to sell, share or trade. 15 minutes walk up to the north of the beach you'll see a private beach and property separated with the village. The beach is bit cleaner and we only saw three people passed by us during our walk that afternoon.


The food and drinks at our hostel are incredibly cheap. A dollar for one liter of beer, dinner for 2 dollar per person and lunch for 2.50 for two! We expected to pay more before we checked out. Only the room we thought we could get cheaper than 10 dollar. There's another restaurant right on the beach with massive portion of food. The fish is almost as big as the huge plate they served or the prawns were half dangling off the plate. With the tent right on the beach, easily become my favorite place ( well also because it's the only restaurant on the beach)



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