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Posted by Artesia Irawan on December 27, 2010 at 1:51 PM

Another tourist spot for sand and sea. We arrived here late at night in the rain and mud, since some of the road aren't paved road. The weather didn't change the next day, it rains the whole day and finally just before dark the rain stopped and I managed to have a walk on the beach, without getting wet.


Canoa is located almost north west of Ecuador, where the huge strip of beach attractive enough to call the beach goers during the weekend, mostly the Ecuatorians and the surfers. The main street facing the beach full with restaurants and bars next to each other, easily created a competition who's place played the loudest songs! Oh and also beat this, they played the same songs like 20 times in 2 hours. You're sitting at one place and you could hear two or three different music simultaneously. At night during the weekend, you could hear the music banging into your dreams sometimes.


But on Monday, things back to normal again, when most of the bars closed and you kind of have the place for yourself again. But the same day we're moving to Jama ( another hour by bus from Canoa )


Bambu, Canoa



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