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Hostel Izhcayluma, Vilcabamba

Posted by Artesia Irawan on November 2, 2010 at 8:34 PM


There are buses every 15 minutes from Loja-Vilcabamba-Loja. ( 1 hour - 1 dollar ) we were dropped at the terminal terestre in Vilcabamba. There's taxi or more like a pick up truck and will cost you a dollar for one ride regardless how many people to Izhcayluma.


Izhcayluma Hosteria became another highlight of this trip, amazing hostel with lots of plants, trees, flowers and amazing view overlooking the valley. I stayed here for a week. A bed in a dorm cost you 10 dollars and private room with twin beds 24 dollars. The dorm or other rooms is so cozy made from wooden, hammocks everywhere.






 The swimming pool with water


The hostel made lots of hiking trail around the area and amazingly well marked, they give you a map depending which trail you're doing. There's swimming pool, pingpong table, pool table, TV room and wonderful free breakfast every morning.


There is no kitchen, but the price of the food of the restaurant are very reasonable with the portion enough for 2 people. I found my weissbier here, but it's very expensive 5 dollar. I bought one only for my very last night in Izhcayluma.


If you're continuing to Peru, you can go straight to the border of La Balsa without going back to Loja.



Pepsi and Cola hanging out in the garden



Izhcayluma website

Arequipay, The Happy House ( Arequipa )

Posted by Artesia Irawan on October 21, 2010 at 11:03 AM

Renzo opened the door for me when I arrived in Arequipay, breeze of home feeling greeted me when I came in to the living room. It was so bright, crisp and super clean. I saw some people relaxing on the hammock or playing pool.


I was staying in Pirwa only couple of hours when I took all my bags and moved to Arequipay. Cut the story short, I was dissapointed with Pirwa. So anyway I moved to the 6 beds dorm with bathroom inside and stayed there pretty much alone for the next 10 days, except one night when there's one Polish girl in the room.


I bumped into Hugh in the hostel, the Irish guy I met in Huaraz, which was fun!! It's always nice to see familiar face again.


First night in Arequipay I was welcomed with Barbecue night, my very first of many many barbecue nights in the house. We bought the meat and Renzo cooked the meat for us, everybody kind of hanging out together in the dining room or kitchen, exchange stories .


It's a place when you really feel like you're home. Because of that, everybody in the house was so happy, relax and so cheerful. The ping pong table, pool table, TV room downstair with gigantic LCD, playstation, beautiful huge hammock, huge kitchen were only accesories of the real hospitality Renzo and Evelyn offered us, the very main essence of the place.


No one wants to leave the place, some extended their stay there, some left sad for not being able to stay bit longer due to time restriction.


One English girl one morning made comments about the place. " I woke up this morning, feel  like I was home. And when I heard people in the kitchen I feel like there's someone visiting my place"


I ended up staying there for one month, probably more if I counted my time away doing the trekking/climbing. I looked for excuse to stay there, which is this CEICA spanish school, 15 minutes walk from the hostel.


The school was perfect, the hostel was perfect, the new people I met was awesome. I really had an amazing time in Arequipa, and I'm missing it terribly.


Arequipay Backpackers House 





Mi Arequipay


One of the Bearbecue Nights



Arequipay Backpackers House website