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Border Crossing Piura-Loja

Posted by Artesia Irawan on October 29, 2010 at 7:41 PM

There are three ways to cross the border overland between Peru and Ecuador.

1. Tumbes - Machala, it's chaotic and dangerous. It has been warned many times to avoid this border crossing unless you take Ormeno bus that will take you from Tumbes straight to Machala and stopping only for immigration purposes. Otherwise regardless your destination in Peru/Ecuador, avoid this border crossing.


2. Jaen-Zumba, if you have time and patience, take this route. The way to the border is supposed to be so scenic.but the only catch for this route is there's no direct transport. It will take at least 16-18 hours to cross the border. If you coming from Chachapoyas you have to change transport in Jaen and continue to San Ignacio and change again to get transport to the border. And from the border another transport to Zumba and to Vilcabamba. ( After all this hassle, you need to stay in Vilcabamba for the sake of your sanity! ) But lots of people said it's worth the hassle.


3. Piura-Loja, the most straightforward and easiest compare to the other three. You can take bus Transportes Loja  ( 10 dollars - 8 hours ) from Piura straight to Loja.There's a bus at 9.30AM. The bus will stopped for immigration purposes and continue again to Loja. It took 8 hours because the people got off and got on on the way.

* There's no good hostel in Piura, if you're coming from Trujillo, take overnight bus and continue to Loja.


While we're at the border, we bumped into people coming in from Ecuador. Taught us lesson, Do Not Overstay in Ecuador or lost your T3 card or didn't get stamp/visa or illegaly coming into the country. In one bus from Ecuador at least we saw 3 girls were detained for some reasons. This was my first border crossing and I was terrified, the experience in Bolivia haunted me.

Bolivian Visa ( Category 3 )

Posted by Artesia Irawan on September 29, 2010 at 11:37 PM

* No Bolivian consulate in Indonesia nor Dubai.


* Went to the consulate in Cusco, they said it will take one, two or three months. Or sometimes no answer.  ( I didn't go back )


* Went to the consulate in Puno and met the scariest man in the whole Peru told me in Spanish I barely understand. Two word I understood : "No Possible" although I try to tell him that there's no consulate in my country.


* Took the bus ( Copacabana ) to the border. 15 soles to go to Copacabana. Went there and the guy put me aside and checked all the documents I had, even invitation from Dax, my Bolivian friend didn't really help. And suddenly the guy stood up and told, no possible. "No ingresa!" and they said I should get the visa from the consulate in Puno, wtf?


* When I said por favor again, they guys just took all my documents and ushered me out of the office and looking for the bus driver to get my backpack out from the bus and to make sure that I'm out of the Bolivian soil, that was just horrible.


The bus driver was so nice, he tried to calm me down "Tranquilo, tranquilo" when I couldn't stop crying mix with anger, humiliation, dissapointment.


* Had to wait at the border again for the bus from La Paz. I paid 10 soles to get the ride back to Puno.


* At one stage, I wondered that maybe I should have apply visa from home? But later on I got message from an Indonesian who lives in Sydney. She said she applied for it 4 months before her holiday and supposed to get the visa in Chile before heading to Bolivia. But the visa was just never exist I think for list of countries on category 3, that's including China, Taiwan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Angola, Cambodia, Chad, Libya, iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Laos, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, East Timor, Yemen and Palestina.


* Suggestion for Bolivian Foreign Affairs how about if they make some changes on the website.


For category 3 instead of :

Group 3 lists countries that DO need a tourist visa and DO NEED to get it in the country of origin by way of a Bolivian consulate BEFORE you arrive in Bolivia. However, there is an exception.


Exception for Group 3: Article 7 of Biministerial Resolution 01/2007 available on the aforementioned website states that foreigners from Group III who failed to get the tourist visa prior to traveling, but can show they have fulfilled all the requirements to obtain the tourist visa may, as an exception, get their tourist visa at the first migratory control point (overland border points or airports). Only if Bolivian immigration officials have verified that they've complied and fulfilled all requirements.


They should have put this :

For category 3 :

1. No possible

2. No visa

3. Go somewhere else

4. Forget about it

5. Don't even think about it, like... ever!

6. Good luck

7. Change your Bolivianos back to soles.